Supergate Ergo Pressure or Hardware Mount Plastic Gate Review

Supergate Ergo Pressure or Hardware Mount Plastic Gate Review

It’s our obligation to ensure the security of our children. They are very fragile, and anything could happen to them. Babies still don’t have full control over their movements and decisions, which is why they might easily stumble on any accident that will surely endanger their lives.

One example of this is when you are doing something in the house, and you left your baby to play in their crib that is placed in the living room. What if they managed to climb their way beyond their crib and crawl to the kitchen?

For sure, there are a lot of hazards they’ll face in the kitchen. There are knives, electrical wirings, and a refrigerator that might topple over them or electrocute them. It’s because of these instances that you need to have a baby gate that will serve as a barrier for your baby not to go to places in your house which can pose a danger to them. One of the best baby gates in the market is the Supergate Ergo Baby Gate.

Who is this Product For?

The Supergate Ergo Baby Gate is specifically designed to serve as a barrier for babies who are aged 0 to 3 years old. This is very effective in stopping your baby from entering a particular place in your house which poses a risk to their life.

If you happen to have a baby and you often have a lot of things to do, and you can’t keep an eye on your baby throughout the day, then the Supergate Ergo Baby Gate is what you perfectly need. It sees to it that your baby would just be staying in a single place that is safe for them.


The Supergate Ergo Baby Gate has a lot of very useful features that ensures the safety of your baby. It’s because of these functions that customers get a lot of benefits from it, making it one of the most popular child safety gates in the market.

Easy Installation

One of the best things about the Supergate Ergo Baby Gate is that it is very easy to install. You just have to position the gate and align it to the opening where you’ll be placing it.

Then expand the gate so that all of its bumpers will stick to the sides of the opening that you’re placing it in. And then twist the handle to lock it and insert its grip tab to the slot.

This will give enough tension and pressure to the gate as it secures it in place. Compared to other baby gate brands, the Supergate Ergo Baby Gate is relatively easy to install. It doesn’t need any advanced tools or techniques to position it in place.

Mounting Hardware Ensures Maximum Security

Another cool thing about the Supergate Ergo Baby Gate is that it ensures safety and security for your baby. This is because of the mounting hardware that is included in the package.

If ever you’re going to place this on a stairway, you can just bring out the mounting hardware and lock it into position. Just be sure to fasten it on a robust and sturdy material so that it wouldn’t tumble down and dislodge.

This is a very useful feature because most baby gates don’t have a mounting hardware. Remember that pressure-mounted baby gates are likely to get dislodged especially when your child persists in pushing it. But with mounting hardware, you won’t have to worry about it getting displaced because it’s tightly secured in place.

Comfort Handle Design

The Supergate Ergo Baby Gate also features a comfortable handle that is specially designed to be user-friendly. It’s relatively easy to operate—you don’t need to exert much effort when opening and closing it because it aids you in your motion.

What’s best is that your baby won’t have any idea how to open it, because its opening mechanism is specifically designed for adults like you, to operate. This baby gate also features a protective finger guard which prevents pinches and stuck up issues from happening.

Brief Overview of the Product

The maker of the Supergate Ergo Baby Gate is the North States which has been in the industry of making safety products for children and pets for over six decades now.

Since its operations started way back in 1953, North States has done its best to ensure that all of its products are made of high-quality materials and provide the best possible user experience.

As of now, things have been running fairly smooth for the company, which is why it’s highly recommended that you try out their products, including the Supergate Ergo Baby Gate.

Aside from that, there are an also a lot of positive feedback coming from their customers. With this, it’s safe to say that their products, including this baby gate, will be worth the buy.


  • This baby gate is affordable with a sturdy and aesthetically pleasing design.
  • It also works smoothly. The opening and closing of the gates don’t produce cracking or hinging
  • The Supergate Ergo Baby Gate features a sturdy design which makes the tendency of it falling over or dislodging, unlikely.


  • The size is not that universal. This means that it doesn’t perfectly fit in standard-sized doorways.


If ever the Supergate Ergo Baby Gate doesn’t suit your taste, you can opt for the North States Portico Arch Gate. They have similar features. However, the North States Baby Gate has a more classic and elegant design when compared to Ergo’s baby gate.

Aside from that, the Portico baby gate also has a hold-open feature that is very handy when multiple people are passing through the gate. It also has pressure mounts which make it a portable baby gate that doesn’t require you to drill holes into your walls or doorways.

Final Verdict

The Supergate Ergo Baby Gate is indeed a highly recommended product if you want to ensure your baby’s safety. It is very useful especially if you don’t have a lot of time in keeping an eye on your baby. Aside from it looking stylish, it is also a function form of barrier that will surely keep your baby away from harm’s way.

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