Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate Review

Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate Review

If you are going to spend on something, you might be more comfortable spending money on a product which has been acclaimed by several organizations. Not to mention, it has the looks and durability to boot.


  • Metal made
  • Pressure mounted with optional hardware mounts
  • 36 inches tall and can fit 28 to 48-inch-wide spaces
  • Dual lock, auto close walk through door with bronze finish
  • Removable door stopper as additional safety feature


If you are looking for superb durability that can stand the test of toddlerhood, the Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate can surely provide.

It is made with a full metal construction that is unmatched when it comes to sturdiness that can withstand even the most willful little one in their most active stages. The metal construction also ensures that no parts get easily chipped off and eaten or choked on by children.

You can choose between a pressure mount and a hardware mount with this baby gate, so you can see where the location and the occasion call for it. You can use the hardware mount for staircases and the pressure mount for in between doors and hallways.

You can also use the pressure mount for places where you would want it to be a bit easy on your walls, especially in places where visitors might frequent. Having this versatility can give you the extra security you need plus the peace of mind for any situation and place in the home.

It stands a good 36 inches tall, which is on the tall side when it comes to your everyday average baby gates so it can last for good use with your toddlers up until they are about four feet tall.

This can also be a good height for small to medium sized dogs who would not be able to jump over the gate if you want to keep them in place whenever you are doing something like cleaning up, or if you want to keep them in one place while entertaining visitors.

It can fit into 28 to 48 inch wide spaces, which covers a wide variety of sizes for doorways or hallways.

To make life a lot easier for parents, the Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate comes with a dual locking auto close walk through the door that you can open with just one hand.

You do not need to make the effort to close it back because it snaps back shut with the auto lock mechanism so you can ensure that it stays closed at all times unless you open it.

The doors and the extensions come with a classy bronze finish that will look fabulous in just about any home. This versatile design and color scheme is built so that you can fit this gate right into your home.

To give you the versatility and option to install it in just about any area in your home, the Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate comes with a removable door stopper so that you can be sure that the door only swings one way, which is the safest way if you are planning on installing it on your staircase.

You can prevent it from opening towards the staircase so that if curious little hands get to it, there is still an extra barrier of safety.

This product has gained recognition for best in looks ad best in ease of use with the Mom’s Pick Award from Baby Center.


Despite the many accolades it has received, this product still has a few complaints when it comes to product quality.

Some complained of broken hinges, some of the difficulties with the locking and opening mechanism, and some were simply not convinced of the durability of the material used in making the product. The most prominent concern, however, was for buyers who used it for small pets in particular.

If you are intending to use it for the containment of a small pet, be aware that there have been several reports of stuck heads which may be a potentially fatal case for your pets. A child’s head may not fit through but a cat’s or a small dog’s will.


Metal is both stylish and sturdy, and nothing could be a better combination for a baby gate. If you want something that can last a long time and would be a nice sight for you to see, the Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate may be just for you. Just try to be wary of it if you have small pets at home.

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