Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate Review

Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate Review

If you are looking for baby products, it is most likely that you want something that is widely trusted by many generations over the years. This baby gate is made by the most credible manufacturer of baby safety products to give you the peace of mind that you deserve.


  • Pressure mounted
  • One hand opening and safety lock
  • Fits 29-39 inches openings, extensions available
  • Great for many areas
  • Made by industry leading manufacturer
  • Includes gate and all necessary accessories


The pressure mounted Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate makes sure that no serious damage gets to your wall and that it will be a breeze to install and unmount each you need to.

All you have to do is find the right spot where it is needed and place it in between two parallel surfaces so that the pressure applied by the pressure pads will enable it to stay in place, even as your baby leans against it.

Pressure mounting enables you to place and protect your babies at tight spaces in between hallways and door jambs. With no tools required and minimal damage to your walls, parents simply love this baby gate as an addition to their home.

To take utmost care of you and your baby, the gate may be easily opened with one hand and it comes with a safety lock feature to ensure that the gate is always closed when you need it to be.

Parents are busy people and barely have hands to spare most of the time. That is why the single hand opening feature of this baby gate is such a life saver and such a safety tool for most parents who need to carry their baby in one arm and do the rest of their activities with the other.

The set includes a gate and extensions that can fit openings that are between 29 and 39 inches wide. If you have a wider door or hallway to block off from your baby, you may purchase additional extensions as they are readily available in stores and online.

You can place extensions for up to 60 inches or five feet in width, so you can conveniently block off an entire walkway in an average home no matter how wide it is, provided that you have two parallel flat surfaces to attach the pressure pads onto.

The Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate has a great variety of uses when it comes to homes and other areas where you are expecting babies to crawl or toddle about. You can place it in doorways to block entry into a room or to keep a baby safely in a room such as his own nursery.

You can also place it in hallways, especially halls leading to the kitchen where there are a lot of potential hazards for a baby. You can also use it in staircases for as long as the pressure pads have a flat surface to rest upon with the help of wall cups for better reliability and sturdiness.

When purchasing the Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate, you can be assured of the best quality for your home and for your baby. The company is actually an industry leader with the commitment to ease the worries of parents who already have a lot on their plate.

The company specializes in baby safety products such as bedrails and baby gates and so you can be assured that each product is made with the commitment to keep your baby as safe as possible, especially in his most crucial stage of early life. Generations of parents and children have grown knowing and trusting the Regalo brand.

Included in the package is one gate, a six-inch extension kit, two pairs of pressure mounting spindle rods, two pairs of wall cups to be used as an added security and stability in places such as in stairways.

Also included is an instruction manual to aid you with the setup, the features, and the proper use of this product. This brand is certified by the American Society for Testing Materials as well as the Juvenile Manufacturers Association.


One may note that despite the sturdy construction of this gate and its heavy duty build, its opening can be quite small for many people, unless you are on the petite or slim side of the size spectrum. A fully grown adult male may find it a challenge to walk through this gate without having to squeeze through or cross one leg over at a time.


If you want a sturdy gate and you are a family of fairly small to medium sized people, then the Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate might be the one for you. Metal parts are an extreme plus for this baby gate, especially if you have a very hyperactive baby who likes to climb things.

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