The Different Types of Baby Gates You Could Buy

The Different Types of Baby Gates You Could Buy

Different types of baby gates come in many styles and sizes, various colors and different specifications; but basically speaking, there are three main types of baby gates and they are the following:

Hardware-mounted baby gates

The first type of baby safety gates is easily the most reliable since these gates are actually mounted onto the wall. For this reason, this makes the hardware mounted baby gates probably the sturdiest of all types of baby safety gates. In fact, they are often referred to as stairway gates because they are the most suitable baby gates for stairs (which poses as one of the greatest danger zones for very small kids).

Even if they are the mounted type, they can also be easily dismounted for instances when the baby gate is not needed for the moment or if it is no longer needed for a long period of time such as in between children.

This type of baby gate is the most efficient at baby-proofing your home to keep litle children safe although it may cost you a bit more effort in installing it compared to other types. To ensure that you get the most out of your baby gate, make sure that you choose the right gate dimensions for the exact locations that you plan to use it.

Make sure to read and follow the instructions beforehand and not only while you are installing it. Gate mounts usually come with your purchase, but you may need more from your local hardware.

Pressure fitted baby gates

The second type of baby gates is the pressure-mounted gate. Originally, they were made as simple fences that were wedged between two walls or against the door frame to block the way for a baby. They did not come with gates and thus you actually had to step over them to get to the other side.

However, these days, they have been built with gates or doors that can open and close. The gate is held up by extended threaded pressure pads to the wall or door jamb which allows them to stay in place. Just make sure to be careful of mounting these types of baby gates on hollow walls as they may poke through them and make a hole.

These are also not ideal to be mounted on stairways since they are not as reliable as the hardware mounted types which typically hold up much better when children are actually making an attempt at crossing the barrier by pushing, pulling, or even climbing over.

Although these types of gates usually do not require you to drill a hole or screw a piece of metal into your wall, you still may find that after dismounting it, your may need to recoat your wall with some paint due to the pressure that it exerts onto the surface.

So if you are choosing this type of baby gate for aesthetic purposes, take heed. This type of baby gate is best for in between rooms, mounted on door jambs, or against two parallel walls in a hallway.

Gates for wide or irregular areas

If you have an extra wide or an irregularly positioned opening, this may be a bit more challenging when it comes to childproofing your home. But with a bit of planning and some execution skills, you may end up achieving it beautifully. For wide openings, such as when you are looking at spaces beyond three feet, there are actually hardware extensions that can accommodate your entry on top of the existing baby gate.

This way, you have a set of a fence and a gate so that as you go through it, you will only be swinging the gate as the entire fence stays in place. For spaces that are beyond five feet in width, some sense of creativity could be very helpful in meeting the need.

As for irregular spaces that need barricading, there are certain brands that can actually cater to different angles of installation. You may encounter this need in order to block off a baby from a wide based stair landing, or a fireplace.

Additionally, these types of baby gates can also be transformed into baby playpens as they can be formed into a geometric enclosed form for you to be able to put the toys all in one area and put the baby in with them as well.

This is a great idea if you want safe floor play for your baby while keeping them safely enclosed in a designated place while you do chores or work with better peace of mind, as opposed to leaving them to have the entire floor space of the house for themselves. This can be also useful if you want to corner your baby while you are doing your vacuuming.

Choosing the right baby gate for you and your baby will all depend on the layout of your home and how you intend to use it. Try to determine exactly what you need and get the exact dimensions.

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